Cannabis Journaling — An Exercise For Experimentation And Grounding

There are many resources that speak to the various effects of the different products and types of cannabis. This information reflects how the majority of us respond to its components. What we need to figure out is how it affects us as an individual.

Our bodies all vary in our response to cannabis. I like to say that we are all walking chemistry experiments and how we react to cannabis (and many other things we ingest) depends on our personal biome, which includes our neurodiversity. It is also influenced by our age and for those of us with female cycles, the amount of estrogen in our bodies at any given time.

This is where journaling becomes an important tool in creating a safe container for experimentation. Our goal is to find the ideal ratio of cannabinoids in the lowest dosage to create the desired reaction in the body. How do successfully we do this? By becoming more in touch with ourselves through thoughtful reflection, grounding and recording our impressions.

  1. Start by taking a moment to ground. Take a deep breath and do a brief body and mind scan. Make a few notes about how you are feeling mentally and physically.
  2. Make note of what product you are using; what time you took the product and how much of the product you are taking.
  3. As you feel the onset of effects, make a note of how long it took to feel the product.
  4. Make notes of what worked, what didn’t work and what you wish would have happened.
Making note of patterns in past experiences, such as what flower genetics, cannabinoid counts, terpene profiles and modes of ingestion work well (or not) with your body inform future successes in experimentation with new products.

In this crazy world where we are rushing around from moment to moment, juggling tasks and technology, it’s easy to lose touch with our bodies and not care for them as we should. Cannabis is an excellent opportunity to slow down, ground and reacquaint us with being present.

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